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The best rates for the best customers.

We proudly offer the best rates and pricing for our debit and credit transaction rates, ATM services, and POS systems. Even with the competitively low rates, we offer only the best customer service and support that our customers deserve.

Credit Card.

Business Type Discount Rate Transaction Fee Brand Fee Non – Qual

Convenience Store

1.40% N/A 0.1% 0.3%
Others 1.40% N/A 0.1% 0.3%

We boast the lowest credit card rate compared to our competitors. With us, whether you operate a convenience store or any other type of business, you can comfortably accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit card transactions at both your customers’ and your convenience.

*no statement fee (by post or email), no maintenance fee, service fee, no PCI compliance fee, no hidden charges

With our lowest debit transaction fees in the market, for chip and swipe debit transactions, the rates are only 3.65 cents per transaction for every type of businesses. Tap transaction add extra 2 cents per transaction for convenience stores, whereas it will add 3.5 cents per transaction for other type of businesses. 

Debit Card.

Business Types Chip & Swipe Tap & Flash
Convenience Store 3.90 cents 5.90 cents
Others 3.90 cents 7.40 cents


We offer the most competitive prices for ATM services. We will beat any other competitor’s offer and prices. Our ATM rates depend on the number of transactions at your location and other variables. Please contact us for more information


POS System.

We boast the perfect price for the perfect equipment and software.

$2500 + HST

$25monthly maintenance fee
  • 15″ customer-side monitor
  • Barcode scanner
  • POS Software
  • Cash Drawer
  • One year manufacturer warranty
  • One year 1 Solutions warranty
  • Free Training and Installation

Contact us for more information on bringing your own hardware and on purchasing options!


We provide payment solutions for your business, from debit and credit payments, ATM machines, and all-in-one POS system, all at competitive rates and customer care like no other company.

  • Entirely cloud based
  • Any number of devices
  • World-Class Customer Service
  • Installation and Training
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Absolutely no hidden, additional, or statement fees

begins with us.